Following Derek's captivating appearance on Celebrity Big Brother, which saw a phenomenal run to the final, 2018 sees Britain’s best loved, and most entertaining, medium take to the stage at Ferneham Hall for the first time in three years and this time he won't be alone!.

Early 2018 sees Derek launch his own brand new live radio chat show and appearing alongside him on stage is fellow medium Paul Cissell who is also Derek's co-host for the radio show. Paul's unique style of mediumship enables him to bring forward messages from the spirit world and his level of accuracy with the amount of evidence that Paul delivers is testament to his passion of mediumship.

Two thoroughly modern mediums whose appeal crosses the generations to young and old alike. Now comes your chance to experience the mediumship of Derek and Paul together on stage.

Dates & times

Wed 17 October  7:30 PM

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